Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another Temple P-Day

Hello family! How are you!? Sorry I forgot to tell you again that my pday would be late since we got to go to the temple! This week was pretty good and actually really busy, we didn't have a ton of dendo (proselyting) time, but in the time that we did have, we saw a lot of miracles! I will tell you about a couple of them! 

So on Friday we always have sports night at the church. We play volleyball or basketball or throw the frisbee or ping pong. It's a ton of fun, but recently we haven't had a ton of people show up. So Sawyer 長老 and I decided that, for the hour before sports night, we would go to a little sports park in the middle of downtown Machida and throw the
frisbee. We made the decision to do this during our planning session the night before and then we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to put prepared people in our path. Within five minutes of being in the park we had
contacted 6 high school seniors and in the end they made the thirty-minute walk from the park to the church for sports night. While we were there we had a ton of fun and we shared a spiritual message that piqued their interest. Now they want to come again and they want to learn about the gospel. Wow right!? 6 great young men! We will be meeting with some of them this week! That was such a cool experience! A huge miracle and something that I really needed.

Another miracle took place that same day. We planned to go to a park and write our testimonies in a few Books of Mormon. We hoped that somebody would see us and have interest in the book and then we could do what missionaries do. Well that didn't happen. Nobody was very interested, and though we got a few contacts at that park, we didn't get to give any of the books away. But later that night, at the sports night I already mentioned, some other missionaries had some investigators there and they needed a Book of Mormon to give to them. I offered the
one that I had written my testimony in. I was so happy to be prepared for that! I hope that that testimony helps the person who got it. We will see! 

Giving away a Book of Mormon at sports night

Anyways, sorry that this letter is so short! I have no more time! I love you all and I hope you're doing well!

- Siebach 長老

P.S. I have not given my approval to the new addition of the family, so tell Johanna if she wants to be truly accepted, she needs to send me a thoughtful package with lots of candy.

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