Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference!

Hello again everybody! I hope you're all doing well! I am doing very well actually! We got to watch general conference this past weekend which was an incredible experience. I love the words of guidance that we get to receive from the prophets. It is always so applicable. I only wish that I appreciated general conference more when I was younger! 

We also got to see some miracles this week! We gave a Book of Mormon to an investigator about two weeks ago and he finished it last Wednesday. When he showed to us it was all marked up and highlighted. I was so excited to see that! instead of blowing right through the book as fast as he could, he read for understanding and with purpose. When we asked him what he's learned, he immediately started talking about faith and how important it is. We were blown away because that was exactly what he had planned to talk about with him. He then came to both sessions of general conference on Sunday. We will be following up on that later this week. He's a great guy and he is practically teaching himself. I hope I get to see him baptized and maybe, someday before I leave, see him go through the temple! 

Another fun time was at dinner on Thursday night. We invited one of our potential investigators to go get some dinner together. During dinner we talked about normal and religious things and he showed some interest in the plan of salvation (we actually got onto that subject by talking about names and their origins. Elder Sawyer's name is Michael and so we mentioned that he was named after a very important angel. Then one thing led to another and YA!). So we got to share a pretty in-depth message about the plan of salvation. It was a great lesson and it was so powerful as we all felt the spirit as we testified of these wonderful truths.

In all it was a great week! Sorry I have hardly any time! Love you all!
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