Monday, September 21, 2015

Talking to Everyone!

Hello beloved family! 

Boy did we have a good week this week! I went on splits three times with three different people in three different areas! It was great! We talked to a ton of great people, taught a lot of great lessons, and were able to teach and learn from each other! Here are some pictures of our adventures:

This week my testimony of the importance of talking to everyone was reinforced! When you have the Spirit and testify, it will change people's hearts. I have learned a lot about fearing no man as well. When I think back I am amazed at how timid I was at the beginning of my mission. I held back talking to everyone because I was afraid of what they might think and of being rejected. I have changed so much. Sometimes I still get scared, but the fear is a lot less. My testimony has grown a lot stronger since I started bearing it every chance I can.

Sorry I don't have much time today. I love y'all!

Elder Siebach

PS- Dad it actually is realistic to read the Book of Mormon in Japanese as a missionary! I have read it once and just barely started again. Reading is definitely doable, but understanding is another story. If I stopped to look up all of the weird words or grammar patterns that I didn't understand, it would take a lot longer. I would probably still be wandering aimlessly in the Isaiah chapters! I just read when I can and my fluency and understanding increase with every chapter :)

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