Monday, November 3, 2014

Temple Week

Kanji: Japanese character for "Love"

I am on the train back from the temple right now. We had a great session conducted for the first time entirely in Japanese! I understood it pretty well, so that is pretty exciting! It is far easier right now for me to understand Japanese than to actually speak it. I don't think in a Japanese way yet. It is coming slowly but surely though! Ugh!

I would like to get a beginning kanji book so I can start studying the characters, but we have some funny rules here in the mission. We aren't supposed to go into any book or electronic stores because Inappropriate pictures and videos are too prevalent there. It's too bad. Otherwise it would be super easy to walk right in a grab one. Here's another one: at least in the Tokyo missions, we are not allowed to talk alone to women. It puts out a very bad image. If they talk to us we need to keep it simple, brief and straight forward, and hope to set up a time to meet together with them and their husbands or turn them over to the sisters.

Well I love you all and hope everything is going well with everyone. Thank you for the emails! You're the bomb!

                                                     Love, Siebach Choro   

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