Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This is Fuchu!

Hey there! How are Y'all doing?

This past week was really great we got to do a lot of fun things with a lot of fun people. The highlight by far was on Saturday when we got to go to a baptism with one of our investigators named Paw. It was a really spiritual experience. When it ended and we were on our way home I asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he said yes! He hasn't decided on a date, he wants to study a little bit more. Obviously we need to teach him a lot more but he feels the Spirit a lot. I am excited to teach him! I hope that I don't get transferred so that I can teach him! We have transfer calls next week. Sorry that my email is a day late on the emails. We had temple P-day today which is always on Tuesday! That was a great session! Plus I got to see Aunt Kathy! Unfortunately I didn't get talk to her at all.

So our week was really great. On Saturday my companion and I went and played tennis with some investigators that we have. One of them works at ASIJ (the American School in Japan--my old school in Japan), so we went and played on the ASIJ courts... That was awesome. ASIJ has changed a LOT. The courts are on top of a building. It changed a lot. Unfortunately I didn't get to stay and explore because we had to run off to a baptismal service. That day was pretty good. We had a great week with regards to investigators and actual finding. We got to talk to a lot of people and got a lot of contact information. Hopefully we will be able to transform them into investigators.

Saturday night we did Gym Dendo! It was the first time my companion and I had ever done it but we went and worked out at a gym and talked to a ton of people! They don't ignore us nearly as much when they are in the gym :) We are definitely going to do it again. The only down side is 1)I am really sore, and 2) all of my suspicions with regards to not being in shape have been confirmed. I am REALLY out of shape. I might have to start waking up a little bit earlier and working out for longer!

This week we shared a spiritual thought with one of our investigators that really hit me deeply. I had spent my entire personal study focusing on the role of the spirit. There is a really great chapter in PMG that talks about it, but I spent most of my time in the scriptures. This investigator is getting caught up with feeling like he doesn't know enough to take the essential step of baptism. So I sent him scriptures about how the spirit can lead us to truth and knowledge. After I sent the pictures I started to think about how I have seen this principle work in my life. I feel like I have learned so much since coming on the mission and focusing on the gospel. I have really seen the guidance of the spirit in my studies and prayers.

I love you all and I hope you all had a great week. Thank you so much for the emails that you have sent. I love you!

Siebach Choro

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