Monday, July 20, 2015

Institute of Corrections

Dear family! I was nice to hear from y'all this week! It sounds like your big hike was a lot of fun and nobody got hurt! We need to go do something like that when I get back! I would love it! Well I am on my way home now from the temple. It was a great session!

We were supposed to get hit by a typhoon this week, but it snuck around us and instead of a ton of rain all we got was a lot of humidity! It is boiling! I am not a fan. We have also forgotten to take our trash out for a week and a half now....not pretty. We had a great week though. We went housing a lot and got rejected a lot, but we found some prepared people. The Ward had a big talent show on Saturday and we went with a bunch of investigators and potential investigators. That was really fun too. We were able to strengthen our relationship with a lot of the ward, have a good time, and most importantly, get those non-members in an environment conducive to building friendships with members of the ward. That was so important.

One of the craziest miracles is that Elder M and I got three referrals this past week, which is unheard of! This past week effectively quadrupled the total number of referrals I have been given on my mission. As of right now we haven't been able to contact any of them yet, but we will eventually! There is no way I am going to let this prime opportunity pass!!!!

We also had a zone conference. The two zones in Yokohama gathered and all of the missionaries that are going home this transfer gave their testimonies. It was a great meeting!

I have been thinking a lot about correction, I have had to do a lot of it recently. I have come to realize that correction can be a way to display love. We are all in various places along the path to perfection. A path where we are to change or not make it. We are to improve. Correction is just a nudge from other people that helps us do that. I wish that there were more people around me that would give me correction. I feel like I am plateauing a little bit. I do know that if we correct in the right way, unselfishly, lovingly, with an intention to help and not to hurt, gently, clearly..., that we will be helping those that we correct to take one more step towards being like Jesus Christ. In the past I hated receiving correction. I was proud and when people corrected me I would look for their flaws and use that to disqualify them and their words, but now, despite the fact that it is painful, I really welcome it and need it.

I love you all!

Elder Siebach

P.s. Will you please figure out a way to send me a song called Claire de Lune? Thank you!

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