Monday, July 6, 2015

Sticking it Out

Dear Family,

I have very little time to write today! We started a new transfer this week. I am still with Elder M. I am excited.
We did a lot of housing this week and found a few investigators. That was pretty good. M-San came to church unexpectedly. That was a blessing. We had a good lesson with him. His wife isn't happy about him going to church. They seem to have neglected their relationship for the past 30 years. We are really trying to help him and are praying for him. He is such a good person.

Today I said goodbye to my old companion Elder W for what might be last time on my mission. That was sad, but he is ready to go home! I'm excited for him!

Today my companion and I were housing and nobody wanted to hear from us, which is sadly pretty typical, but my companion and I decided to stop and pray for guidance. We asked that God would guide us and speak through us as well as allow us to see a miracle. After our prayer it came to mind that, as in most of the experiences I have had on my mission where nothing was happening, it is often after long persistence and at the last minute that the miracle comes. We continued housing and did see a miracle! It was a testimony to me of persistence in following revelation to the end. We had planned the night before when and where we were going to house and felt that it was right. The miracle came only after we persisted to the end (within the last five minutes of our allotted housing time). Pretty cool!

Mom thank you for the package! I already ate all the candy.... I had been craving all things American for the past week or so!

Happy fourth!
Love Y'all!

Elder Siebach

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