Tuesday, October 13, 2015

General Conference!

Hello family! I am so sorry that I didn't tell you about Pday on Tuesday! I will actually have it on Tuesday again next week so...Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Seems like everyone's week has been pretty swell! This week was great for me as well. We had a zone meeting in which I was able to help a lot of missionaries in my zone. That felt good. We talked about giving up just a little more of whatever we have been holding onto that is keeping us from fully devoting ourselves to Christ. Our mission took a survey a few weeks ago and we talked about the results at MLC. My companion, Elder Cook, and I were able to plan our training around some of those results as well as some principles written in the missionary handbook. From there we went on splits. I stayed here in Hachioji with one of the amazing district leaders here. We were blessed to meet up with our hard-to-meet couple from a few weeks ago. That was great. We prayed with them over the phone that night and the spirit was really strong. They were planning on coming to conference but in the end couldn't make it.

We also had interviews with President Wada this week. That was a great experience. I love having interviews with him. It is always a relieving experience. There are a lot of missionaries in this mission who dread these opportunities, but I find the correction and advice refreshing. He knows that I love nothing more than to have a scripture-led discussion, so we took some time to peruse the Book of Mormon. I definitely don't know that book well enough. I'll probably never know it well enough! 

After interviews we got to watch general conference which was great! I really loved it! I watched most of it in Japanese with investigators so my level of understanding wasn't near where I would have liked it to be. I will go back and re-watch. I really enjoyed that last talk by President Monson. Little bit scary how much of a struggle it seemed to be... But he bore an incredibly powerful testimony at the end. It was amazing to watch him pull himself together and deliver that testimony. What a wonderful man. I loved the Behold Your Mother talk by Elder Holland, especially because it brought back memories of my angel Moot :). From now on I intend to get started on "ponderizing"! I also loved the plea to sisters and especially the stories President Nelson shared. Also Elder Renlund gave a fantastic testimony.

I don't have tons of time left but I love you all! Please write me with more thoughts on General Conference as you start reviewing! I would love to hear them!

Love You!

Elder Siebach

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