Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Shenanigans Before Getting Sick :(

Well I am here in Kamiooka! I sent my bags a couple days before my transfer, thinking that I would have them in Kamiooka when I arrived. I also put all of my warmest gear in the bags because it wasn't that cold at the time. Well, it got really cold the second day here and my bags didn't come until today. Right now I am suffering from the craziest cold I have ever had. It's killing me. It is hard to move and light and sound make my head feel worse than it already does. I have the chills and it hurts to touch things because for some reason my skin feels raw. I am also sweating a lot despite having the chills. Which is making it worse. I feel awful because I am supposed to be setting a really good example of hard work and obedience for my companion who is struggling with those things and right now I just can't. That is the worst part I think. Plus right now is the best time to get out and talk to people about Jesus! That is too good of an opportunity to miss for a stupid cold! This is really annoying and it makes me wonder why. Why would God put me through this silliness. It seems like such a waste of such precious and crucial time!

Sorry my email is awful. I am going to go sleep now. Love y'all!

Elder Siebach

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