Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Sobering But Not-So-Sober New Year

Dear beloved family!

Thank you so much for the Christmas package that could only have been created with love! Y'all are the best!

This past week was one full of meals at members houses and drunk people! We talked to a lot of very open people that were either heading to or from a drinking party. I'm sure Japanese New Years rivals German October fest. It is just amazing how much liquor these people drink! One interesting thing is that when someone dies, for the next week or so, in commemoration of the fallen, they put flowers and things that the dead person liked in the place where they died. On January 2 my companion and I counted 7 little piles of flowers with beer cans all around them. We can only assume that they drank themselves to death. Kind of startling!

This week we found some good people and some good investigators that we will hopefully be able to work with from here, taught a bunch of lessons on the street, and have been seeing lots of miracles! My companion complains that I walk too fast and never take a break and stuff, but I think that's a good indicator of working hard!

This winter is very warm. A lot warmer than last year! That's a good thing! Not much else to report but hey, I love y'all so much and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years break!

Elder Siebach

The view from my apartment :)
A zoomed-in view from my apartment

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