Monday, January 11, 2016

Finding, Funerals and a Flight Plan

Dear Family,

This week was great! So much happened and I want to write about all of it! It started on Monday with some tennis and a few other lessons. I taught a man that is convinced that he is the child of Satan and feels like Satan's plan was the better way. That was a tough lesson and I am afraid that I wasn't able to help him very much. I could feel the Spirit though and I am sure he could too (in a teaching situation God never edifies just the teacher, he sends the Spirit to both), but he didn't open his heart to what was being said. He is still pretty miserable.

That same night I tried to call a less active and typed the wrong number in (it was God's will) and a man living out side of our mission answered. Not realizing the mistake, I proceeded as if I were speaking with a less active. It took a while for me to realize that he hadn't just forgotten. Turns out the man is the son of a Protestant preacher and has grown up being told that Mormons are evil. It took a long time (over an hour on the phone) and a lot of talking to break down those walls, but now we have a lesson appointment with him on Thursday :).

The next day on Tuesday we did a lot of finding and got a new investigator (and found three others who would become new investigators later that week).

Wednesday was a long day of New Year's cleaning. That was awful, but rewarding. Thanks to my 19 years of growing up under Dad's tutelage, our stove and kitchen in general sparkle like new. We had English class later that night.

Thursday was pretty fun. We forgot to plan time for weekly planning, so we just found the entire time. That day we found another man that became a new investigator yesterday. He is very, very Muslim and felt the need to put down Christianity a lot when we ran into him. Unfortunately he only speaks English, which my companion doesn't speak a lick of, so I was the only one talking, but I bore testimony to him about prophets and the importance of studying the words of all of them (he, like most Muslims, despite only ever reading Muhammad's writings, professes a belief in the writings of all prophets). I told him that he was missing a lot of facts about God and therefore filling them in with his own ideas. Then I bore testimony about the Book of Mormon. I think he was humbled. We will meet him again next week!

Saturday we rode bikes to a far away part of our area and did our best to find. We didn't get any contact information and we were ignored by almost everybody we met. While we were riding home, out of the blue I had a feeling that I needed to call a certain sister in our ward that I had never talked to before. Turns out that her son and daughter are both not baptized because of opposition from the father. He left the picture a couple weeks ago so she asked us to teach her children! We will meet with the family on Saturday! That was a huge miracle. I am so grateful for the guidance of the Spirit!

On Sunday we went to church then went to a wake for a member of the ward who just died. We all went to his house to spend time with his family. Little did I know that his body would still be there! His body was lying in a futon in their tatami room! I almost stumbled on him when we walked in! That was one of the most startling experiences of my mission! After that we spent the rest of the night in the hospital! When I played tennis somehow I cut up my toe. I thought it would be fine and woke up the next morning and it was very infected. I then thought it would heal naturally over the course of the week but it's only gotten worse! Finally I went to the hospital for it. It was and still is pretty painful!

Yesterday we went to the funeral and then taught lessons for the rest of the day! That was awesome! Still no baptismal dates but lots of progressing investigators ready for it!

Also I got my death letter this week. I fly home Friday, June 3rd.

Love y'all!

Elder Siebach

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