Monday, May 23, 2016

God's Impeccable Timing

Feeling like a giant :-/
Dear Family,

We saw a lot of really cool miracles this week that Involve God's impeccable timing! It truly amazes me how good He is at it! Out of all of the millions of people in this area, he leads us to those that are being prepared! It is a wonderful thing! We taught a lot of lessons this past week and found some great new investigators. We have invited so many people and some of them are just getting rocked by Satan! He is a jerk.

I got to go on splits with a brand spanking new missionary with the last name Andrus! He must be some distant relative of mine! I think our time together blew his mind a little bit. That is how you know it was a good split! If their expectations are surpassed so thoroughly that their eyes don't return to normal size! I think I got to be the Lord's tool to raise his vision to a higher plane! What a good time!

My companion and I have to give a training at this next MLC and spent some time yesterday mulling over the possibilities. We threw out dozens of ideas, but none of them felt right. We hit our knees so many times and just pleaded with the Lord to inspire us, but the widows of heaven stayed shut. So we called it and went out to do some finding. That was pretty good as usual. I hope the next guy that replaces me can handle an area book with an infinite amount of PIs. I feel like I have done everything to help them, but it seems like they just need time now. Some super star missionary will come hear and baptize them! Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be my calling!

It's kinda strange. I haven't seen very many baptisms in my areas while I am there, but every time I move there is at least one that occurs in my old companionship during the following transfer. Laying a foundation, right? I do wish I could have seen more of those baptisms or at least been there to watch!

Got my new travel plans this week. Looks like I get home around 5:30 pm on Saturday, June 11th. Can't believe I am saying that!

Sorry this is so short! Hope y'all have a wonderful week! See you soon!

Elder Siebach

So this happened...

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