Sunday, May 8, 2016

I Know That I WIll Be Able to Be With Him Again

Dear Family,

As you know, this week I got the sad news that Grandpa Siebach passed away on Tuesday. It sounds like he might have had a heart attack!?!😭  I wish I could have known him better! I was hoping we could go there to the farm for a couple weeks this summer to spend some time with him and Grandma! Too bad! He was an amazing man. This week being fast Sunday really helped me feel close to him and to y'all! I know you're frantically trying to figure out travel and his funeral and everything--I hope you'll still have time to skype! If not, I guess I will see you soon!

This week was pretty good! I got to go all over the mission and teach some baptismal candidates! Those were some pretty crazy lessons! Simple but frequent testimony brings the spirit in a BIG way! That plus sharing experiences! Dang! I have so much to tell you about this week, but my time is short! I will have to just tell you in person in a few weeks! It was tough though, realizing that Grandpa is dead and I won't get to see him for a while brought a sullen mood that was hard to fight against. I was in the middle of MLC on Thursday when I got the news. Sister Wada and a bunch of other sisters (no elders cuz they don't notice things like that) came up and said there was a noticeable difference in my mood between the beginning and the end and asked why. OH WELL! I regret not getting to know him better!

This week a Jehovah's Witness tried to tell me that my belief in the Plan of Salvation and eternal families is wrong. I bore my testimony that it is true and told him about how despite the fact that I will never meet my grandpa in this life again, I know that I will be able to be with him again if I am righteous. The spirit was super strong, but he was too contentious to listen and so he didn't feel it. He started to argue and I got pretty mad and tore him apart. That's what you get for denying the spirit I guess!

I have so much more to tell you! Love y'all so much! Happy Mother's Day Moot!!

Elder Siebach

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