Monday, June 22, 2015

A Law "Irrevocably Decreed In Heaven"

Hello Family! I hope you're all doing fantastic!

This past week has been pretty good! We had a really great zone cenference on friday and that was great. The week before I had sent President Wada an email about my district and what I thought they needed, which is a big push to be obedient, and he dedicated half of the Zone Conference to obedience. It was great. I really enjoyed the trainings that were done. From thinking about obedience for the past while I have decided that it is one of the more basic yet most important aspects of this work. I guess instead of basic it is actually a fundamental principle of the gospel. There is so much that we need to have in order to really participate in the Lord's work. There is being led by the Spirit, gaining a deep understanding of the scriptures and the gospel, seeing the needs of the people you talk to, etc..., but all of these things can't happen if we are unwilling to keep the commandments, ie, be obedient! And if those things don't happen, we aren't doing what is required to be in His service. and we are wasting our time and more importantly the Lord's time! It's so great that He continues to give us chances to restart and try again! That to me is evidence of His purpose. He keeps helping us despite the fact that we are "unprofitable servants":)

In other news...we tried to set a baptismal date with M-san and weren't able to do it. He has some things that he needs to do before he sets a date. We have made plans with him though to get to baptism. Pray for him please!

We will be receiving transfer calls this coming Saturday so next email might have some news!
Love yall!

Elder Siebach

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